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How To Update Your Skin Care Routine For Spring

Our skin loves Spring and who can blame it? We all know how harsh the Winter can be on our skin from leaving our skin feeling dry and looking dull and a tad lifeless. With the change from Winter to Spring, our skin is exposed to higher moisture levels leaving it feeling hydrated. Keeping your spring skincare routine simple and effective will help to transition from the colder seasons. During this time, our skin tends to hold more water and using a lighter moisturizer is beneficial. We share a few spring skincare tips that will help your skin adapt to the different season and keep it thriving!


The colder weather can leave a build-up of dead skin cells, as our skin becomes drier and flakier. This results into more skin cells to be removed, what perfect time to start exfoliating? This is a great time for skin renewal. Exfoliation will get rid of the dull winter build up and leaving your skin glowing. Your skin will feel smooth and your make up will look smoother and renewed than before. Topical scrubs are great to kick things off lightly.

Incorporate face masks in your routine!

You can also try face masks, a great skincare treatment to help with any skincare concerns. Our Black Clay and Liquorice Brightening Face Mask is suitable for all skin types and will leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft and a great way to restore your natural complexion.

Changing your moisturizer

Thicker creams are used in the Winter as our skin can be dehydrated from the colder air, as it is Springtime your skin has a different need. A moisturizer with a lighter consistency can allow your skin to breathe for the warmer weather. Lighter moisturizers with emollients and humectants will feel much better. Our Vitamin Ace Moisturizer is paraben and sulfate free that contains natural ingredients, this will brighten and hydrate your skin for the Spring. Vitamins A, C & E promote healthy collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines resulting in a younger looking skin.

Natural Make up

This is the time to start experimenting with natural makeup, using healthy paraben and mineral free makeup will help to enhance the condition of your skin. To have good makeup, you must have healthy skin as your base. Always remember to look after your skin and keep it in great condition, by drinking more water this will help to intensify the condition of your skin and maintain its elasticity.

Time to get your SPF on!

SPF is a sunscreen that helps to protect our skin against sunburn and UVB rays. As women of colour, it is essential to use SPF. It is a critical part of our skincare routine, growing up we were not always informed about using sunscreen as we believed it was for Caucasian skin and whenever we did try and experiment, it left an ashy chalky residue. Not the most attractive! There is no denying our melanin does provide us with some sort of protection however it is not enough to prevent serious conditions such as skin cancer. With a plethora of sunscreen products catered for darker skin tones, this is a great opportunity to start investing in SPF, thank us later!

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