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Night Skin Care Routine with byValentine Skin Care

Having a skincare routine that works for you can be a mission, figuring out what products work and in which order. Questions such as is it the serum or the toner? At night our skin absorbs much more nutrients than during the daytime. Whilst we sleep our products penetrate more as our skin is free from the extra factors such as environmental pollution and make up.

Our night-time routine matters more than our morning routine. Your night skincare routine doesn’t have to be complex but a regimen that works well for your skin type. Taking several steps each day may seem a little extra and out of the way however maintaining a bright and youthful complexion is well worth it.

We have all heard of the adage ‘beauty sleep’ well our night treatments are a testament to good skin. Our skin cells are working overtime to provide those much-needed results.

At byValentine, we believe a night skincare routine is necessary. We share our tips on what we use.


For a good regimen we would recommend removing all your makeup first, sleeping in your makeup is the worst thing any woman could do however we have all been guilty at one stage in our lives. This can result to premature ageing; it can trap dirt and environmental pollutants in the skin. Enough to put anyone off! A great skincare hack is removing with Micellar Water, a great affordable make up remover and is also beneficial for the skin.


Once all your makeup is removed and your skin is feeling cleansed and make-up free using a gentle cleanser of your choice. A gentle cleanser will not strip off any natural oil from your skin. After your cleanser you can move onto the toner.

Step 3:

Our Rose Facial Toner is great at maintaining clear skin, controlling sebum, and brightening the skin. Using this during your night regimen will help to remove excess oils from during the day especially if your skin is exposed to pollutants. Not only is it gentle and hydrating it works great on giving you an even complexion. Spray onto a cotton wool pad and smooth over the face in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Leave to dry for one minute before applying moisturiser.

Step 4:

We all love a good facial serum; we discussed the benefits of facial serums in our last blog post. Serums are great for your skin and works wonders at night! You can dab this on and making sure it is fully absorbed into the skin giving yourself a mini facial massage. Self-care at its finest!


Finally moisturise your skin with our Vitamin Ace Moisturiser, applying a small amount to the face but avoid the eye area. Again, you can massage this onto your face. This will leave your face feeling soft and supple.

We hope you enjoyed our night skincare routine; we would love to hear yours!

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