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How to keep your skin nourished, we discuss the benefits of using face serum

What better time to start updating your skin care routine with products that offer active ingredients such as glycolic acid and vitamin C, that will give you the glow you are dreaming about and most importantly keep your face feeling moisturized. Face serum may be the answer to what you are looking for! Designed to keep your skin nourished, protected, and hydrated. It is recommended to use after cleansing your face and before moisturizing.

You may be thinking serum is just another skincare product and why should you invest in it, serums deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin. In a liquid form and light in consistency which makes it easier to apply to the skin, it is used before moisturizing to lock in the moisture which is why it is mostly used as a night skincare routine. With a plethora of serums on the scene that specialize in hydration to skin brightening, it is that one skincare product we cannot do without. Penetrating the skin on the deepest level and boosting the hydrating effects of your moisturizer. We discuss the main benefits of using face serum.

  • It works great on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, serum is a powerful and valuable agent with targeted skincare ingredients. After our mid-twenties, our collagen levels start to drop and using vitamin A and retinol serums at night can make a difference to help with cell turnover. This can reduce the early development of fine lines and wrinkles. Maybe time to start investing in our Vitamin Ace Facial Serum?

Many Black women encounter hyperpigmentation where this can cause uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation has been said to be caused by excessive melanin. Using facial serums infused with Vitamin C can help to renew and brighten your skin tone. Evening out the skin tone and reducing those frustrating dark spots. Most importantly leave your skin feeling super nourished

  • Our facial serum contains 100%natural plant-based ingredients that are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, paraben and sulfate free. It is great for preventing spots and acne, protecting the skin from UV damage and anti-ageing properties.

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