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Brand story

Zimbabwe born and practising UK - registered Pharmacist Valentine Sibanda founded byValentine Skin Care in October 2020. 

Valentine created this skin care brand because she discovered and learnt through experience that natural is best. After trialing an extensive range of skin care products over the years with no avail, Valentine fell in love with the formulation used in byValentine Skin Care - 100% natural, no sulphates, no parabens and cruelty-free. 

She struggled with oily/combination skin, tried most luxury skin care brands - one would work for a while for about a month or two but still her skin would revert to the original problem. This cycles continued for years and her skin became dull due to the confusion of trying many many various products.

Her skin was revived by a combination of natural ingredients which fully restored her skin. This is when byValentine Skin Care was born, the transformation was just too good to be silent about so she wants to share this with you all. 

With a Master's Degree in Pharmacy, it is easy for Valentine to differentiate between beneficial and harmful substances to the skin. byValentine Skin Care was created with you in mind and only offers you the best. 


"Over the years I have realized that natural ingredients are always a go-to. I have oily/combination skin and already that is one too many skin issues, like how do you deal with two different skin types all at once?? I created this brand of naturally derived skin care products, suitable for all skin types! Whatever the skin problem, I found that these products balance it all and it is exactly what I have been yearning for since I was still in high school. I hope byValentine Skin Care will give you the best skin foundation to allow you to be confident in your own skin". 


 - Valentine Sibanda

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